Rules for participating in the online quiz competition

  • This contest is open for life sciences undergraduate and post graduate students across India.

  • The contest is held online and has 20 questions, it requires an estimated time of 15-20 minutes.

  • An official email invitation will be extended to your respective college/institution with an enrollment form.

  • Only those students that are enrolled through their college will be able to compete in the online quiz.

  • A minimum of 50 students per college should enroll to qualify for the prizes. Students should register and complete taking the online quiz¬† by 05th August 2019. Results will be announced by 10th August 2019.

  • Top 5 performers from each college will win the software for FREE. All participating students will be awarded prizes according to their performance.

What does the quiz competition contain?

  • 5 basic life science questions.

  • 5 questions with visual aid.

  • 5 aptitude questions on reasoning.

  • 4 questions on video.

  • 1 question about yourself.

A total of 20 questions, will only take 15 - 20 minutes to complete. Yes, it's that simple to stand a chance to participate and win your prizes.

Students or Teachers can ask for an invitation to be sent to your college/institution by clicking the button below and providing the necessary details. 

SmartExperimenter is also for teachers and educators, click the below button to send your enquiry and get your copy.