What is SmartExperimenter ?

SmartExperimenter 3.0 is an assistive software for undergraduate and post graduate life science students. The following streams of students studying B.Sc, B.E, B.Tech, M.Sc, M.Tech can use SmartExperimenter.

How is SmartExperimenter helpful to students?

  • SmartExperimenter 3.0 helps students digitize all their learnings - theory and practical.

  • Powerful text recognition technology helps students extract notes from handwritten or printed documents.

  • Improve Bio-informatics skills, provides easy access to 19 international biological databases & websites.

  • Quick reference for 32 different Biostatistics topics.

  • Makes reports & assignments writing faster.

  • Data can be backed up online making sure that there is no data loss.

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