1. How do I purchase SmartExperimenter?

-You can purchase SmartExperimenter by making a Debit Card/Credit Card/Net Banking payment by clicking on "BUY" button from the product section.

 2. Can I use SmartExperimenter on my mobile phone?

- You can use SmartExperimenter only on desktops/laptops as SmartExperimenter is a desktop application. It cannot be used via phone.

3. Can I use SmartExperimenter on multiple computers I own?

 - You can use SmartExperimenter only on the device from which the purchase was made and is not transferable to another device.

4. Which  Operating System does SmartExperimenter work on?

 - SmartExperimenter works great on Windows 64bit operating system.

5. How does the purchase process work?

 -On making a successful payment you will be able to download SmartExperimenter, you will receive a product key sent separately to your registered email address.